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About Riavita


At RIAVITA, we establish the development of dietary supplements based on both traditional and modern knowledge, aiming to promote health maintenance, as well as prevent diseases and anti-aging. By combining traditional knowledge of the health-preserving benefits of herbs and medicinal mushrooms with modern scientific research on the most effective combinations of active components, RIAVITA produces dietary supplements that fit into only a few capsules a day.

RIAVITA is a Hungarian company specializing in the research, production, and distribution of premium dietary supplements. The innovative formulation of RIAVITA products is created by dedicated, professional, and experienced scientists, who used to work at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. All of our products are made of high-quality, non-GMO herbs and mushrooms in vegetarian Ti2O-free capsules. Product ingredients are carefully extracted to preserve the highest amount of natural antioxidants such as Flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that are efficiently and quickly metabolized, digested, and absorbed by the human body. RIAVITA’s products are developed and produced under the highest quality standards in Hungary and the EU (see certification standards).

RIAVITA creates and develops supplements that support the 3 important pillars of health maintenance, disease prevention, and anti-aging which are represented in the 3 abbreviations of the brand name.

Dr. Szilárd Tóth

R&D Manager, Co-founder
Doctor of Molecular Medicine
Research Fellow at the ELKH RTH

Dr. Truong Son Pham

RIAVITA founder
PHD Pharmaceutical Engineer
former MTA researcher

Dávid Fekete

Company values

To create a healthier life from natural resources.

Gain the full values of nature by combining high-quality natural ingredients, advanced innovation, and extensive expertise in producing health maintenance products.

Research: Our products are produced based on careful research following European standards and licenses.

Innovative: Our technology is the incorporation of new scientific and technological solutions.

Adequate: We promise to produce products that are adequate to customer needs.

Vegetarian: Our products are guaranteed to be mainly made from high-quality plant-based ingredients from modern technological implementations.

Immediate: We take immediate action to solve customer problems and fulfill their needs.

Top-quality: We promise to provide customers with top-quality products made from top-quality ingredients.

Ambitious: With the ambition toward a healthier lifestyle, RIAVITA’s team of dedicated, professional, and experienced science experts has worked tirelessly to find out the best possible solution to different health problems.

3 pillars of disease prevention

At RIAVITA, we believe that 3 extremely important elements need to be maintained for better health.

We call them the 3 pillars of disease prevention, they are:

  • R – Regeneration processes, stem cell mobilization,
  • I – Immune system, the defense system of the body
  • A – Antioxidant system, scavenging free radicals


As RIA is the combination of these 3 factors, and VITA is the Latin word for life, our brand name – RIAVITA signifies the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.

R - regeneration

Regeneration a natural process of the body to replace damaged or old cells with new, healthy cells. New cells are generated from various stem cells and progenitor cells, which are key players in regeneration. Consuming certain herbal combinations is able to produce a larger number of stem cells entering the bloodstream (stem cell mobilization), therefore, increasing the ability to regenerate.

I - Immune system

Immune system

The proper functioning of our Immune system is crucial for a healthy life. It protects us from external pathogens (e.g. bacteria, viruses, infectious fungi), and also fights against emerging cancer cells. Its function is extremely complex, still, many herbs and medicinal mushrooms are capable of inducing immunomodulation, also called ”immune strengthening”.

A - Antioxidant


Our body is exposed to a number of harmful effects on a daily basis, whether physical or mental, which often transform to free radicals. Therefore, it is important for our body to have adequate antioxidant capacity since antioxidants are able to neutralize reactive free radicals. Our antioxidant system is a protective mechanism of the body that can be easily supported by the intake of dietary antioxidants. Such antioxidants are certain vitamins (vitamin C), flavonoids (quercetin, apigenin), and polyphenols (curcumin). Lycopene, which gives tomatoes a red color, also has remarkable antioxidant properties.

Riavita Pharma - Science Behind

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) plays a prominent role in RIAVITA's corporate culture. Each year, we devote human resources, scientific capacity, and financial resources to research and development (R&D) efforts to improve our product quality continuously.

Commitment... Quality

RIAVITA’s team of dedicated, professional, and experienced science experts has worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the best quality products possible for both disease prevention and treatment support.

Our products are guaranteed to be mainly made primarily from high-quality plant-based ingredients from modern technological implementations.

Before reaching our customers, all of RIAVITA’s products are thoroughly tested following European standards and licenses.

Riavita Pharma quality

Company info


The RIAVITA brand is under exclusive trademark protection.

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