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Products of RIAVITA are made from 100% natural ingredients, especially herbs in premium quality.


Knowledge of the health-preserving effects of herbs and medicinal mushrooms is based on folk observations, while modern scientific research has identified active ingredients and their preferred combinations.

The RIAVITA, we established the development of dietary supplements on both traditional and modern knowledge, to promote health maintenance, disease prevention and anti-aging/healthy aging. Combining existing knowledge creates the opportunity to prepare plant extracts as dietary supplements that fit into only a few capsules a day.
The history of our company dates back to 2015, when our first product was launched under the NAVITA brand. In 2021, the majority owner of NAVITA Pharma Ltd. together with Dr. Truong Son Pham and Dr. Szilárd Tóth continues the development of dietary supplements by incorporating the newest scientific results under the brand RIAVITA.

Dr. Szilárd Tóth

R&D leader,co-founder,
Doctor of Molecular Medicine
Research Fellow at TTK, ELKH

Dr. Truong Son Pham

Founder of RIAVITA
PHD Pharmaceutical engineer
former researcher at Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dávid Fekete

Degree in Economics
Company Values

Goals >


To create healthier life from natural resources.

Mission >


Put the values of nature at the service of health maintenance by combining innovation and professionalism in the development of our products.

In the name of natural sources, we avoid artificial materials in our products.

Core Values >


Service – we are ready to help those who turn to us
Quality – extra attention beyond
mandatory requirements
Innovation – incorporation of new scientific and technological solutions
Care – we strive for a long-term relationship with our customers
Social – promotion of healthy lifestyle
Environmental – raw materials made with environmental-friendly technology

3 pillars of disease prevention

To maintain the health of our body, the following 3 systems are essential:

  • R – Regenerative processes, stem cell mobilization,
  • I – Immune system, the defense system of the body
  • The – Antioxidant system, scavenging free radicals


All three systems are extremely important for a healthy life, which is why the initial letters of our company is made from the above letters, to which the Latin word vita (meaning: life) is joined. RIAVITA therefore represents the essentials of healthy life.

Regeneration is a natural process of the body to replace damaged or old cells with new, healthy cells. The source of new cells are the various stem cells and progenitor cells, which are thus key players of regeneration. After consuming certain herbal combinations, a larger number of stem cells enter the bloodstream (stem cell mobilization), which has been shown to increase the ability to regenerate.

The proper functioning of our Immune system is crucial for a healthy life. It protects us from the external pathogens (e.g. bacteria, viruses, infectious fungi), and also fights against emerging cancer cells. Its function is extremely complex, still, many herbs and medicinal mushrooms are capable of inducing immunomodulation, that is the scientific expression for ”immune strengthening”.

Antioxidant system. Our body is exposed to a number of harmful effects on a daily basis, whether physical or mental, which often manifests in the form of free radicals. Therefore, it is important for our body to have adequate antioxidant capacity, since antioxidants are able to neutralize reactive free radicals. Our antioxidant system is a protective mechanism of the body that can be easily supported by the intake of dietary antioxidants. Such antioxidants are certain vitamins, e.g. vitamin C, or flavonoids, e.g. quercetin, apigenin, and polyphenols, e.g. curcumin, but lycopene, which gives tomatoes a red color, has also remarkable antioxidant properties.

Riavita - Kutatás és Fejlesztés

Reserch & Development

Research and development (R&D) plays a prominent role in RIAVITA's corporate culture. Every year, we focus our human resources, scientific capacity and funding on R&D activities to continuously improve our products through improvements.


To Quality

RIAVITA guarantees that we offer only 100% natural products, mainly made from plant ingredients, which are of high quality thanks to modern technological implementations.

Our products are made in accordance with European standards and licenses. Before they reach our customers, RIAVITA products are thoroughly inspected.

With our products, we focus on both disease prevention and treatment support, and thanks to our dedicated, conscientious and professional team, we can provide RIAVITA products of the best possible quality.

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The brand RIAVITA is an exclusive trademark.