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Riavita - Gyakran ismételt kérdések

RIAVITA is an acronym, the first three letters of which include the 3 pillars of a healthy life and disease prevention: Regeneration (R), Immune system (I), Antioxidants (A).

The Latin word VITA is linked to these three letters, which means life. RIAVITA thus expresses the essence of health preservation.

RIAVITA products were created for the purpose of beauty care and health preservation and can be used to support our bodies during the treatment of certain diseases.

CorsyMAX 12X is a product based on the Tibetan caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps Sinensis), STEMAX and STEMAX SL contain herbs promoting stem cell mobilization, flaCYTO, and flaCARDIO are products rich in flavonoid and polyphenol extracts, DETOX is a product supplemented with C and B vitamins that supports our detoxification organs. and DETOX WHITE is a premium quality DETOX product with outstanding glutathione content. Our products include vitamins C and D, which cover the daily amount in abundance, supplemented with Quercetin.

When taking RIAVITA products, especially as capsules, customers should drink plenty of water. Drink at least 300 ml of water upon consumption and 2-3 liters of liquid every day.

CorsyMAX products should be taken before breakfast to achieve optimal absorption, unless there is a gastrointestinal condition, when capsules should be taken 10 minutes after the meal. Other products should also be consumed 10 minutes after the meal.

Corsy is an acronym for Cordyceps sinensis, a medicinal mushroom, also called as caterpillar fungus. MAX refers to maximum, as to reach the maximum of the expected effects, we did not dilute it with other, less effective mushrooms.

Cordyceps sinensis, which originated from the Tibetan Plateau, is now cultivated, and the active ingredients are extracted with supercritical CO2 technology. Thus, the beneficial components, such as cordycepin or polysaccharides are concentrated. CorsyMax product contains dried mushroom grist, while CorsyMax 12X is concentrated in polysaccharides that are 12 times (12X) higher than in the simply dried, natural form, and thus the expected effect is also higher.

The prefix 'fla' refers to the FLAVONOID family of natural compounds.

Flavonoids are typical natural components of plants and mushrooms and can be found in large quantities in flowers, fruits, roots and other colorful plant parts.

One of their most important features is that they are antioxidants, thus they have the ability to neutralize free radicals. Depending on the type of Flavonoids, they can possess protective effect against cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and cancer-genesis. Certain Flavonoids are also helpful on skin anti-aging, making the skin smoother and more beautiful.

The product name STEMAX is made up from Stem Cell and Maximum, referring to the ability to increase the number of circulating stem cells with herbs endogenously.

During stem cell mobilization, stem cells enter the bloodstream from the bone marrow, thus an increase in their number in the circulation is achieved. This technique is different from the exogenous stem cell proliferation method, when stem cells are collected from adipose tissue, bone marrow, blood or umbilical cord blood, and their number is increased in a laboratory before injecting them back to the body.

Do not use any of the products if you have allergy to any of the ingredients.

Our products consist of natural ingredients, mainly herbs, but if you are expecting a child, always discuss the use of dietary supplements with your doctor.

Children under 3 years of age can also consume CorsyMAX 12X and 'fla' products, however, instead of the daily dose recommended for adults, only 1 capsule is recommended, and the capsule must be pulled apart and its contents must be mixed with food.

In the case of kidney stones, kidney protection is of utmost importance. The ingredients in both CorsyMAX 12X and DETOX and DETOX WHITE Premium products support the kidneys.

In case of fatigue, it is recommended to use CorsyMAX 12x High-Dose Tibetan Caterpillar Mushroom. Based on scientific research, it can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, increase physical strength and the body's resistance, as well as support hormonal balance.

It can also be used in combination with STEMAX products, helping to replace aged or "failed" cells with well-functioning cells sooner, and the body's functions to improve faster.

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