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Tag: Cordyceps sinensis

MEN UP - Férfiakra szabva

MEN UP – Specially for Men

A Fűrészpálma, Tongkat Ali és Tibeti Hernyógomba főbb gyógynövénykivonatok mellett vitaminok, aminosavak és cink is került a kapszulákba.

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Tribulus cordyceps sport és állóképesség
Everyday world

Sport and endurance support with folk medicine herbs

The popularity of dietary supplements used by athletes is rising sharply, and natural alternatives to performance enhancers are also increasingly sought after. Based on the statements of the professional athletes, two components can provide actual support. But what does science say?

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Cordyceps sinensis - Tibeti hernyógomba

Tibetan caterpillar fungus in cancer therapy

With the presence of targeted chemotherapeutic agents, cancer treatment has achieved significant improvement in many tumor types, however malignancies are unfortunately still a serious, often fatal disease.

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Ngo Thi Thanh Thuy

She never had skin problems earlier, but out of a sudden in 2011, she got itchy and red palms. The doctors diagnosed a type of eczema called atopic dermatitis.

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Nina Bodnár

“My health used to be quite good. But recently, due to the heavy workload, I feel like my health is going down.”

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Ms. Yen

Her physical health used to be very good, she barely got sick, and needed medical treatments only rarely. Nevertheless, since her 40s, she feels like her health condition is not that good anymore.

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