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Tag: méregtelenítés

skin spots freckles whitening

Good bye age spots!

Amino acid-derived antioxidants have been found to affect pigment metabolism and fade skin spots. At the same time, due to their antioxidant effect, they also seem to be good against wrinkles, so their skin-protecting effect is complex. The names of these antioxidants are...

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Pitypang gyökér az egészséges vesékért

Dandelion root for healthy kidneys

The roots, leaves and flower head of dandelions are edible. Based on folk medicine experience, it seems to be a suitable choice when various toxins need to be removed from the body - so it can be used to prevent kidney and liver damage due to excessive use of paracetamol (acetaminophen) painkillers.

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Everyday world

Detoxification with milk thistle

By living the modern way of life, our body is exposed to countless amount of chemicals. Instead of sonorous but scientifically questionable and inconsequent detoxification treatments, silymarin extracted from the milk thistle can be a real help to our liver and body in detoxification.

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