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RIAVITA successfully held the Seminar “Fountain of Youth” in Berlin, Germany


On Sunday, May 14th 2023, Dr. Pham Truong Son – co-founder of RIAVITA and Dr. Mai Thy Phan Nguyen from Germany successfully organized a seminar in Berlin about the topic that received great interest from people: “5 Causes of Aging” in Berlin, Germany.

In the recent seminar ”Fountain of Youth”, we delved into a cutting-edge and scientific topic that has captivated audiences with its potential to unravel the mysteries behind this fundamental aspect of human life – Aging. 

Dr. Truong Son Pham and Dr. Mai Thy Phan Nguyen

In the seminar, Dr. Pham Truong Son unveiled the 3 main causes of aging that are mostly unknown by the public. However, these phenomena have been proven to be closely linked to aging and age-related diseases. They are:

  • The shortening of Telomeres
  • Cellular Energy Depletion
  • The declining in number of Stem Cells

Dr. Mai Thy also explored the gradual decline in physical and cognitive abilities that accompanies aging, and its impact on human health and quality of life. However, rather than focusing on the inevitability of aging, our seminar focused on the underlying causes and mechanisms that drive this process.


Despite being a new area of research, the audience demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm, actively participating and posing intriguing questions throughout the session. Throughout the seminar, audience members actively engaged with the material, reflecting their genuine interest in this topic. 

Their thought-provoking questions allowed for a deeper exploration and explanation of topics such as the potential impact of stem cells in rejuvenation therapies, the effect of living conditions towards aging speed, and the feasibility of delaying or even reversing the aging process.

In conclusion, our seminar on the causes of aging proved to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience. Despite the complexity of this scientific topic, the attendees’ enthusiastic participation and their insightful questions demonstrated a genuine attention for knowledge. 

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Together, let’s embrace the journey of unraveling the mysteries of science and shaping a future where healthier and more vibrant lives are within our reach!