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Unlocking Brain Potential


Riavita flaMENTIS is a special flavonoid selection with Ginkgo biloba, pine bark and green tea extracts, and other herbs. In addition to flavonoids, it also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and selenium, all of which contribute to normal brain function. The ingredients are in titanium dioxide-free vegetable capsules.



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The Basics

General information

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Memory decline due to age, stress, hormonal changes after birth, loss of concentration when studying, and Alzheimer’s dementia are conditions that all of us are at risk of having.

flaMENTIS is a combination of natural super-antioxidants Flavonoid extracted from Ginkgo Biloba leaves, Mediterranean red pine root bark (Maritime Pine), green tea, cocoa… especially coenzyme NADH helps to lower free radicals Therefore, increasing cerebral blood flow, protecting and enhancing the activity of nerve cells.

Gingko biloba leaf

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo extract has been shown in numerous studies to improve memory and other cognitive functions both in healthy individuals, and those with vascular dementia.



Cocoa flavonoids can increase blood circulation and blood flow to the brain, according to clinical studies. It also supports learning.

Maritime pine bark

Pine bark

Pine bark extract is found to boost overall cognitive performance including focus level and stress resilience and increase blood flow.

Green tea

Green tea

EGCG, the antioxidant found in green tea extract, is demonstrated to protect brain cells from oxidative stress.

Guarana seed

Guarana seed

Guarana seed extract has been shown to have positive impacts on improving concentration and reducing fatigue.

Brain function

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Science behind

Read about the ingredients of the products and the scientific research background.

Support of memory and cognitive functions with flavonoids

In the decline of cognitive functions, increased oxidative stress, inflammatory processes and damage to the brain’s vasculature play an important role. In older age, the efficiency of neutralizing free radicals that mediate oxidative stress deteriorates, and (mental) stress, lack of sleep, or intensive study also strain our antioxidant system in both the elderly and the young. Scientifically formulated dietary antioxidants can slow down the aging of the brain, and in some cases stimulate brain functions.


3 capsules a day after meals.


90 capsules

Shelf life

For 2 years from production. Expiry date is indicated on the packaging.


Avoid direct sunlight; in a dry, cool place.


– Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
– Dietary supplements are not medicines and do not replace medicines.
– Drink a lot of water.
– Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.
– Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
– Keep away from children.
– Due to the caffeine content, it is not recommended for children and people with high blood pressure.

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