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Vitamins with Flavonoids

Vitamin C and D +Quercetin

Riavita Vitamin C and D + Quercetin is a high-dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D combination with Quercetin and grape seed extract.



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The Basics

General information

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The role of vitamins in health maintenance is an important area of research to this day. Research on vitamins mostly focuses on eliminating deficiency and restoring normal physiological functions.

If the condition of the disease improves after vitamin supplementation, it can be assumed that the given vitamin has a role in the process. Recently, more and more research is emerging that specifically addresses the health effects of an extra daily intake of vitamins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that supports the immune system, and reduces the length and severity of the illness.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is commonly known as a main supporter of the immune system: it makes us more resistant to certain infections.

Grape seed

Grape seed

Grape seed extract of wine grapes, which is abundant in proanthocyanidins, is reported to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation.

Sophora japonica

Sophora Japonica

Sophora japonica flower extract contains 95% quercetin flavonoid, which was shown to reduce the replication of many viruses, including hepatitis, herpes, and coronavirus.


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Science behind

Read about the ingredients of the products and the scientific research background.

The vitality of Vitamins

Why are vitamins important to our health?
Vitamins are essential for the normal functioning of our body. Some of them are co-factors of enzymes, others are important antioxidants. Inadequate vitamin intake can lead to deficiency diseases that are worsening within weeks or even days. To prevent this, experts have established a minimum daily intake.


1-2 capsules daily after meal.


90 capsules

Shelf life

For 2 years from production. Expiry date is indicated on the packaging.


Avoid direct sunlight; in a dry, cool place.


– Drink a fair amount of water!
– Recommended daily dose should not be exceeded!
– Dietary supplements are not substitutes for a balanced diet.
– Dietary supplements are not medicines, nor substitutes for medicines!
– Keep out of the reach of children.

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