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Riavita Women Up dietary supplement with Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins, Zinc, Yarrow, and other herbal extracts that support female health. This special combination of ingredients is available in titanium dioxide-free vegan capsules.



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The Basics

General information

Main ingredients, basics...
Supporting women’s health is multifaceted: regular exercise, a balanced diet, and lifestyle, and effective stress management. Awareness is also important: if due to our lifestyle or current life situation, we ingest less than necessary of certain vitamins, minerals or antioxidants, it is worth supplementing them.
Yarrow plant

Yarrow plant

Yarrow plant has been shown to help regulate menstruation, and relieve menstrual cramps and pains for women.



The health benefits of soybean for menopausal women include lowered risk of osteoporosis, protection from coronary heart disease, and fewer hot flushes.

Astragalus root

Astragalus root

It reduces postmenopausal syndromes in the menopausal or menopausal transition period.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)

Coenzyme Q10

Q10 works against negative processes and the rapid aging of the egg, helping to extend the time when the egg is healthy and in a state that can be fertilized.



Zinc also has an important role in maintaining the health and quality of eggs for fertility.

Women's health

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Science behind

Read about the ingredients of the products and the scientific research background.

Women's Health

Women’s health affects the health of all of us since we develop in the womb. The seriousness of the topic is evidenced by the fact that there are several scientific fields specializing in the preservation of women’s health. The two largest branches of them are:

  • support before and during pregnancy, and
  • help against menopause and perimenopause symptoms.


2 capsules per day


60 capsules

Shelf life

For 2 years from production. Expiry date is indicated on the packaging.


Avoid direct sunlight; in a dry, cool place.


– Store dry, cool, and protected from light.
– Swallow capsules with plenty of liquid.
– The recommended daily amount should not be exceeded.
– Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
– Dietary supplements are not medicines.
– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Not for use by pregnant and lactating women.
– Do not use it for people sensitive to isoflavonoids.

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